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Happiness is…

Who would have known?

Happiness is a box of sidewalk chalk, blacktop warmed from a sunny day, and a “giggly” toddler.






The holiday weekend went well. Traveling with Bug has gotten easier now. I was able to grade papers, edit the exam, and get some knitting and crocheting done on the trip (8 hours in the car each way). My sister is doing well and is in excellent spirits. She will be having surgery on her hand next month. Her boys, C and Z, are well and growing like weeds. We didn’t get to see our mom very much as she was working every day. We will get another chance to visit in late June when she will be on vacation.

Now for some pix and progress…

First haircut: Bug had her first haircut. She will be 2 years old on Sunday.


Babies: C, Z, and Bug had a big time playing outside, with the dog, on the tractor, and at the swimming pool.


Crocheting: the scarf, a long ago UFO, is now near completion. I’ve lost the directions for this “webby” scarf, so I don’t know the name of the pattern. The four flowers will be attached at the ends instead of using fringe or tassles.

webby scarf

Knitting: more sock.


Flowers: Mom and Dad’s clematis, roses, and irises were blooming up in Ohio.




The summer of socks and swimming pools

I can’t believe so many days have passed since I last wrote. I’ve been working on the sock a few rows at a time, usually after Bug has gone to bed.

beginning to resemble a sock 24 May 2007

I rinsed out Bug’s pool and put some water in it this afternoon after she insisted on playing in a puddle. She really enjoys being outside! I was working on the sock while she played, but at one point the skein of yarn almost ended up in the pool!


The class is almost over now – more than 2/3 done. It is tiring.

There was bellydance class this week as well. I’m enjoying it again, but my back was giving me a little trouble this week. It is probably from standing on bare concrete 5 hours a day in the teaching lab -in addition to the rest of the work day…

Anyway, we will be traveling to Ohio to see the grandparents and my sister and her family who are visiting from Virginia.

Happy Memorial Day!

Congratulations! Its a sock…

The little sock is finished – YAY!

my first sock

For some reason I was quite anxious about starting the real sock with the real sock yarn – and it took me forever to get the cast-on decent. I went with 10 stitches on each side and then doubled them by working with both the “long tail” and the working yarn – as suggested in my “crazy toes and heels” book from LYS. I did the magic seamless toe from, also. I worked a large amount of the toe at my first SNB. There were about 6-8 people, all very friendly and supportive – one of whom I know from work, but didn’t know she knitted… ah, small world (grin). DH took Bug for the afternoon so that I could go knit. They are still shopping…

in the beginning…

I also finished the collage for my mom for Mother’s day. We will be traveling to Ohio on Friday to visit. My sister who was in the horrible accident before Thanksgiving is already there with her two darling boys. It was the first time she went past where the accident happened. She is doing well, thank God. She has another surgery next month on her right hand.

Nana S’s mother’s day

Since lots on people have been posting garden pictures, I went out and took a few outside pix. The blackberries and snapdragons are blooming, but the garden still looks kind of pitiful. I should probably water it more.

snapdragons 20 May 2007

blackberries 20 May 2007

garden 20 May 2007


Yay for Thursday! I have the homework graded already! I also stopped at the LYS to get my very first skein of sock yarn – and it was on sale. It must have been “meant to be” for me to start on socks now. I have a picture of my “training” sock, a cuff-down miniature sock knit with dishcloth cotton yarn extras. I did have some trouble – in particular, there are holes where the heel starts.

training sock, 051707

My very first sock yarn purchase is a large ball of “opal” from ZwegerGarn. I will be trying my hand at socks for DH. He likes short socks. I also bought a circular needle and the book the LYS uses to teach sock knitting. It seems a bit complex, using 2 circular needles to knit 2 socks at a time with a toe-up focus. The only problem is that there is not a sock class until the fall…. (sad face).

opal, first sock yarn

I have been very much enjoying listening to many knitting podcasts – my favorites are: Lixie Knits It and Stash and Burn.  It is nice to know that there are many crafty people…

My “training” sock

Well, I have started my very first sock!  It is the “training” sock at (  I have already messed up the ribbing – but I am forging ahead anyway.  I’m trying to get the feel of using so many needles at once.

It is supposed to be a “tiny” sock, but with my huge stitches it is looking pretty big.  I’ve never been much on gauge swatches, but mostly I crochet and knit things that don’t need it – scarves and hats, and I’ve gotten used to using fewer stitches than called for instead of using smaller needles.  Somehow the yarn doesn’t move well when I’ve tried using smaller needles.  Anyway, I’ll take a picture soon.

Mother’s Day

The collage I made for DH’s mom turned out really well.  I really like this program called CollageMaker.

Nana’s Day

I finished the scarf yesterday at the in-laws. It is very soft! The model is “Big Dita” (what Bug calls this huge Dora the Explorer doll she got for Christmas).

Orange scarf - knitted in purl, cast on 15 stitches, 2 yarns

Class starts tomorrow and I needed to get ready for 3 busy, busy weeks- teaching, lab prep, and research. I always forget something.

Bug did well today – especially after some teething meds. Those molars are TROUBLE!

Bug on bike