Sun-day Fun-day

We (Bug and I) put together her birthday gift from Nana and Pappaw S.- a play set with slide with bi-level castle walls and a climbing ramp yesterday during a heck of a rain storm. I moved it out to the yard this morning where she still wants to slide down the ramp (bumps and all), but not slide down the slide. Go figure!

Bug’s Castle

We survived alone today – DH has gone fishing with his dad. We spent the morning in the yard, had some lunch, and I tried to get her (the child that will not nap at home) to sleep in the car. She finally passed out after our trip to the playground with the swings. She almost slept long enough for me to finish calculating and posting final grades for the spring semester.

Green Bug and Bear

I tried my best to work on a scarf, but no deal. Bug just would not let me be even though she had the whole outside to play with. I just started it -yesterday’s trip to the yarn store left me with some new pretty and soft yarn. I’m still learning how to knit 2 yarns together.

Pa loves knit-goods, they’re yummy!

Anyway, one more week until the “summer class from h***” begins – an entire semester condensed into slightly less than 3 weeks. Two years ago I was able to complete it being 9 months pregnant with a badly sprained ankle – gave birth on the day of the last test. Man, I was tough back then – what, oh what, has happened to me?


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