Mondays suck…

Well, it is the week between semesters here. So, I am only going in to work in the afternoons – feel guilty otherwise. I still feel as though I have to be at work if I am not taking care of Bug. I spent the morning (without Bug – she says guiltily) watching TV, knitting, and doing household chores. This consisted of running vacuum and rug shampooer over the dreaded cat box area, cleaning and sealing heat pump exchange box with a bonus of cutting fingers on heat pump coils!

After work I picked up Bug – her note said she was “quite emotional” this morning. She is so dramatic these days about everything little thing.

On the diet front, I have reverted to eating sugar again – chocolate is my downfall. Why must it taste so good? Also, there is no dance class this week – I need to get up the motivation to do some sort of exercise this week. I don’t even know if the gym is open this week….

Anyway, in taking a picture of my knitting progress, I have discovered that I am knitting a Lily Cat!

Knitting a Lily Cat - ah, progress!


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