Already looking at the next project…

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on the scarf this morning before going into work. I’m such a slow knitter – especially with 2 yarns.

Scarf sans LilyCat

I really should make Bug’s blanket next (crochet). It is a lovely pattern from a blanket that my sister carried around for years as a toddler (now ragged).

Mary’s blankieMore Mary’s blankie

We (my sister and I) learned to crochet doilies as teenagers from our great-grandmother using the actual item as the pattern – learned to read real patterns later. I made her son (really her) a copy of this blanket in some “boy” colors and Bug liked it so much that I bought yarn to make her one, too. I really need to do something creative with the “remains” of her blanket and give it to her. Being the third child, she doesn’t have much of her childhood “stuff.”

In an effort to clean up the laundry room/my office/room that catches all cr*p, I bought a few more totes. There is just too much going on in that room. Unfortunately, I don’t do enough in that room… laundry never, never, never gets caught up!

Did some work this afternoon – ordering mostly for next week’s class and to spend down the last bit of a grant, as well as my very “favorite” lab chore: cell culture. Then came home and weeded the gardens with Bug in tow (with “baby’s sunglasses”).

Bug’s sunglasses


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