A trip to the zoo

We made our first trip of the summer to the zoo. Bug now knows her animals, so we thought she would enjoy it – and she did. Our zoo, Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, is a small-ish zoo, but still we cannot make it all around in one day. We managed to get quite a few animal viewings, though. The cats and birds seemed to be the big hit today.  She is completely enamored with goats and got to brush some at the petting zoo.

MeerkatsBlue birds, a big hit!

Golden eaglePile ‘o baby gators

Furry donkeys are cute!Elephants

Oh, the tigers!Bug brushes a goat

As for the scarf, it keeps getting longer.  I’ll take a picture when I’ve finished.

It looks like we will be going to my in-laws for Mother’s Day.  I get along well with them and I want Bug to be close to at least one set of grandparents.  My parents are far (>7 hours drive) away, so she will likely never be close to them emotionally.  It makes me sad.


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