Yay for Thursday! I have the homework graded already! I also stopped at the LYS to get my very first skein of sock yarn – and it was on sale. It must have been “meant to be” for me to start on socks now. I have a picture of my “training” sock, a cuff-down miniature sock knit with dishcloth cotton yarn extras. I did have some trouble – in particular, there are holes where the heel starts.

training sock, 051707

My very first sock yarn purchase is a large ball of “opal” from ZwegerGarn. I will be trying my hand at socks for DH. He likes short socks. I also bought a circular needle and the book the LYS uses to teach sock knitting. It seems a bit complex, using 2 circular needles to knit 2 socks at a time with a toe-up focus. The only problem is that there is not a sock class until the fall…. (sad face).

opal, first sock yarn

I have been very much enjoying listening to many knitting podcasts – my favorites are: Lixie Knits It and Stash and Burn.  It is nice to know that there are many crafty people…


One thought on “Progress…

  1. I LOVE that sock yarn, so much so that I own one, too. LOL I think it’s for the pair after this one!
    Also, I still sometimes have issues right at that joining point of the heel to the gusset. Maybe I just get lucky sometimes!!


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