Congratulations! Its a sock…

The little sock is finished – YAY!

my first sock

For some reason I was quite anxious about starting the real sock with the real sock yarn – and it took me forever to get the cast-on decent. I went with 10 stitches on each side and then doubled them by working with both the “long tail” and the working yarn – as suggested in my “crazy toes and heels” book from LYS. I did the magic seamless toe from, also. I worked a large amount of the toe at my first SNB. There were about 6-8 people, all very friendly and supportive – one of whom I know from work, but didn’t know she knitted… ah, small world (grin). DH took Bug for the afternoon so that I could go knit. They are still shopping…

in the beginning…

I also finished the collage for my mom for Mother’s day. We will be traveling to Ohio on Friday to visit. My sister who was in the horrible accident before Thanksgiving is already there with her two darling boys. It was the first time she went past where the accident happened. She is doing well, thank God. She has another surgery next month on her right hand.

Nana S’s mother’s day

Since lots on people have been posting garden pictures, I went out and took a few outside pix. The blackberries and snapdragons are blooming, but the garden still looks kind of pitiful. I should probably water it more.

snapdragons 20 May 2007

blackberries 20 May 2007

garden 20 May 2007


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