The summer of socks and swimming pools

I can’t believe so many days have passed since I last wrote. I’ve been working on the sock a few rows at a time, usually after Bug has gone to bed.

beginning to resemble a sock 24 May 2007

I rinsed out Bug’s pool and put some water in it this afternoon after she insisted on playing in a puddle. She really enjoys being outside! I was working on the sock while she played, but at one point the skein of yarn almost ended up in the pool!


The class is almost over now – more than 2/3 done. It is tiring.

There was bellydance class this week as well. I’m enjoying it again, but my back was giving me a little trouble this week. It is probably from standing on bare concrete 5 hours a day in the teaching lab -in addition to the rest of the work day…

Anyway, we will be traveling to Ohio to see the grandparents and my sister and her family who are visiting from Virginia.

Happy Memorial Day!


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