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Summer fun

It has been another busy week.  We did manage to work some, cook some things, bake a tad, knit some, and garden a bit.  We also made a very special yarn purchase….look for the bright orange yarn.

Bug and I are leaving tomorrow to spend a week with Nana and Pappaw S. (my parents) and my sister’s family (who is traveling from Virginia).

My niece’s birthday (my brother’s daughter) is in early July.  She wants to learn to “do the stuff with the sticks and the yarn,” so I purchased a nice ball of wool blend and some large bamboo needles to give her and teach her when we are there.  My sister and I are/were very fortunate to have crafty women in our family.  We learned to crochet lace from our great-grandmother, who left us nearly 10 years ago.  I’m excited that our next generation is interested and will know the crafty side of life like her “people.”

A.’s first knitting items!

We made pasta with a chipotle pepper in it.  You could see the pepper, but really couldn’t taste it.chipotle pasta

I made a chocolate cheesecake for one of my student’s thesis defense, but didn’t even think to take any pictures – sorry.

The garden is doing well now that we’ve had some rain.  There is even a “shy” sunflower that has peeped open.

shy sunflower confident sunflower

The blackberries are really turning red (I’ve taken pictures of the same little grouping each time).

blackberries 20 June 07flower garden
veg garden rose

I finished the hat.  While the design is beautiful, it is just too small for my head.  Next time I will add repeats and make it longer.  It does look like it is kind of short on the model, though, now that I look at it.  I knit it with Debbie Bliss Cashmerin0 (1 ball) in a purple color on a size 6 circular needle.

bird’s eye view of Odessa hatOdessa hat

DH’s giant sock is going well.  I’ve turned the heel and am working on the ribbing of the leg (K4,P2).

sock 062307


Baby frogs and baby toes

The days seem to go by even faster since the semester has ended for me and they are blending into one another. Here are a few highlights…

We found a little frog sitting on the strings of the hammock and had great fun watching it hop.

baby frog and baby toes

There has been essentially no rain for weeks! The garden is parched and I water when I can remember. The blackberries have a pinkish tinge to them now. We have only reaped on little yellow squash as of yet.

blackberries 13 June 07


I’ve been working on the Odessa hat and have gotten 4 beads round done. No progress on the sock. I will work on both at SNB tomorrow.

.odessa progress 16 June 07

We went to the International Folk Dance Festival here in M’boro today. It was ok. It was sooooo hot. I don’t know how the costumed dancers from Italy were not passing out! There weren’t many booths (billed as a craft show as well), but we did get 2 Indian (Asian Indian) strings of beads and cloth birds for Bug’s room, as well as some peach cider and hot sauce for DH’s father’s day gift.


We also tried to go to the library and check out some books. In general I love libraries and all things book-like, but this library makes me feel very unwelcome. They don’t have any programs for children less than two years old, so we haven’t really been in any hurry. Also, the only story times are during the morning – which leaves out all of us who work outside the home. Anyway, we went to sign Bug up for the reading program now that she is 2, but ended up being fussed at because she was crawling on the shelves. It is just one more occurrence that makes me feel like never going out anywhere.

What a busy time….

Well, the past several days have been very busy. First off, there was our anniversary (#6). DH’s parents came down and cared for Bug overnight while DH and I went out for dinner and stayed at a local B&B (Carriage Lane Inn). It was very nice and our room had a whirlpool, which was used many times! We love the whirlpool!

Happy Anniversary

The next day there was Bug’s second birthday. We made fruit pizza (sugar cookie crust, cream cheese sauce, and fruit for the topping with glaze to keep the bananas from browning). It was a good day and the dessert was yummy, but Bug barely napped, and so was cranky most of the afternoon. Both sets of grandparents (Nanas and Pappaws) came down to visit. DH’s parents from Paducah and mine from Ohio. Mine stayed until Monday and went with us to Bug’s checkup. She is about 50% for all categories -height, weight, head circumference. It took nearly 2 1/2 hours to get everything finished at the doctor! That is just ridiculous – expecting a 2 year old to be able to stay at the doctor in small rooms with no toys and just a few books!

Bug’s ‘cino

Bug and her birthday “cookie”

rapberries and mandarin oranges

Aren’t the fresh raspberries and baby oranges beautiful?

Fruit Pizza

Fruit pizza: sugar cookie dough -your favorite recipe or a large roll from the store. Roll or smoosh it out to fit on the cookie sheet. Bake as directed. Sauce: Combine 1 pkg cream cheese (8 oz, softened), 1/2 c sugar, and 1t. vanilla) and spread it on the cooled cookie. Add fruit: whatever you like and whatever is in season. The glaze is optional: 1 cup fruit juice, 3 T. cornstarch, 1/4 c. lemon juice. Cook over medium heat until thickened. Add some food coloring if desired. Cool and then drizzle over the fruit.

Yesterday we went to “Victorian Day” at the Oakland Historic Home here in Murfreesboro. There wasn’t very much there compared to other festival-type things around here, but it was fun. There was even a lady doing tatting. She is opening up a store in Christiana and will do a class in tatting if there are a few people. I have tried tatting (with much thicker crochet cotton than she was using), but it just seemed to go so slow. I had visions once upon a time of making some tatted Christmas ornaments (tatting surrounding small glass balls), but that is WAY complex! There was also chair caning, washing clothes on a wash board (which Bug loved), dress up, furniture and small wooden box making (which DH loved), a small petting zoo, weaving, music, pottery, a cake walk, and a civil war re-enactment (which scared little Bug).


washing clothes

baby cow
We also made itty-bitty muffins and homemade pasta.

Bug the baker

pasta drying

This is about 1/2 pound of fresh pasta noodles (cooked) tossed with 1 T. garlic sauteed in 1 T. butter. I added about 5 artichoke quarters, a can of diced tomatoes (drained) and about 5 leaves of fresh basil (from the garden, slivered).

pasta cooked

Today, we went to the Discovery Museum here in M’boro and played with everything. Bug even petted a real live snake!

petting a snake



The garden has been very dry (1 rain in the last month or so), so we’ve been watering it. The blackberries are doing well, as are the snapdragons.


veg garden


I’ve been going to my LYS SNB on Fridays (The Knaughty Knitter). The ladies there are so funny and nice. It is very comforting. I have been working on my first full size sock (toe up) and have nearly turned the heel. I also cast on for the Odessa hat with the pearl looking beads (a ball of cashmerino – darkish purple with pearly beads. My normal cast on is sooooo incredibly loose, I have to purposely try to make it tight. I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts as I’ve been in the car and doing routine things at work; Stash and Burn, Pointy Sticks, and Sticks and String are my current favorites. I can’t seem to get the theme song to Pointy Sticks out of my head!

odessa progress 06/10/07

sock progress

So, I think we’re all up to date now…..