Baby frogs and baby toes

The days seem to go by even faster since the semester has ended for me and they are blending into one another. Here are a few highlights…

We found a little frog sitting on the strings of the hammock and had great fun watching it hop.

baby frog and baby toes

There has been essentially no rain for weeks! The garden is parched and I water when I can remember. The blackberries have a pinkish tinge to them now. We have only reaped on little yellow squash as of yet.

blackberries 13 June 07


I’ve been working on the Odessa hat and have gotten 4 beads round done. No progress on the sock. I will work on both at SNB tomorrow.

.odessa progress 16 June 07

We went to the International Folk Dance Festival here in M’boro today. It was ok. It was sooooo hot. I don’t know how the costumed dancers from Italy were not passing out! There weren’t many booths (billed as a craft show as well), but we did get 2 Indian (Asian Indian) strings of beads and cloth birds for Bug’s room, as well as some peach cider and hot sauce for DH’s father’s day gift.


We also tried to go to the library and check out some books. In general I love libraries and all things book-like, but this library makes me feel very unwelcome. They don’t have any programs for children less than two years old, so we haven’t really been in any hurry. Also, the only story times are during the morning – which leaves out all of us who work outside the home. Anyway, we went to sign Bug up for the reading program now that she is 2, but ended up being fussed at because she was crawling on the shelves. It is just one more occurrence that makes me feel like never going out anywhere.


One thought on “Baby frogs and baby toes

  1. I love frogs! AND hammocks, and how summer just starts blending from one day to the next. Last week was a blur!! I have a busy week coming up, so that won’t be the case this week.

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