Summer fun

It has been another busy week.  We did manage to work some, cook some things, bake a tad, knit some, and garden a bit.  We also made a very special yarn purchase….look for the bright orange yarn.

Bug and I are leaving tomorrow to spend a week with Nana and Pappaw S. (my parents) and my sister’s family (who is traveling from Virginia).

My niece’s birthday (my brother’s daughter) is in early July.  She wants to learn to “do the stuff with the sticks and the yarn,” so I purchased a nice ball of wool blend and some large bamboo needles to give her and teach her when we are there.  My sister and I are/were very fortunate to have crafty women in our family.  We learned to crochet lace from our great-grandmother, who left us nearly 10 years ago.  I’m excited that our next generation is interested and will know the crafty side of life like her “people.”

A.’s first knitting items!

We made pasta with a chipotle pepper in it.  You could see the pepper, but really couldn’t taste it.chipotle pasta

I made a chocolate cheesecake for one of my student’s thesis defense, but didn’t even think to take any pictures – sorry.

The garden is doing well now that we’ve had some rain.  There is even a “shy” sunflower that has peeped open.

shy sunflower confident sunflower

The blackberries are really turning red (I’ve taken pictures of the same little grouping each time).

blackberries 20 June 07flower garden
veg garden rose

I finished the hat.  While the design is beautiful, it is just too small for my head.  Next time I will add repeats and make it longer.  It does look like it is kind of short on the model, though, now that I look at it.  I knit it with Debbie Bliss Cashmerin0 (1 ball) in a purple color on a size 6 circular needle.

bird’s eye view of Odessa hatOdessa hat

DH’s giant sock is going well.  I’ve turned the heel and am working on the ribbing of the leg (K4,P2).

sock 062307


2 thoughts on “Summer fun

  1. Thanks you so much for leaving me a comment. I appreciate your beautifully written words (you are a poet) and the sentiment behind them. Just saying “you are not alone” is somehow (not suprisngly) restorative. Peeked at your blog- some great knits (love tha cap) and yummy looking pasta(love pasta and lovveeeee chipotle…too bad you couldn’t taste it. Enjoy your babe…it goes quickly, and i know it doesn’t feel hat way when they are so little. Give her a good tickle today!

  2. I LOVE the shy sunflower!

    Just got home from summer camp, thought I would have finished my socks, but that didn’t happen.

    Hope you and bug have a safe and fun trip to see the familia.


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