Vacation from vacation?

I’ve done this many times… do so much on “vacation” that I feel like I need a few more vacation days just to recover!

We arrived back from Ohio (completed the long, long drive) yesterday.  The week was fun, but exhausting.   Besides having three toddlers (1 mine, 2 my sister’s), there was a pre-teen (13 in December) and a nine (soon to be 10) year old.  Here is the “baby pile” picture…  We started calling their group picture this some time ago when it actually was a “pile” of pile July07

Bug and I took one day to visit a friend of mine who lives about 1 1/2 hours away in Alexandria, KY.  We took the ferry from near Higginsport, OH to Augusta, KY (home of the beloved Rosemary Clooney). Here is the view from the ferry (Bourdes?Ferry)

Ferry ride - Augusta, KY

All of us played outside, in the pool, in the sand, in the gravel, chased the dogs, petted the neighbor’s horses, and ate way too much.

Pappaw S. got in on the teetering, but not the chocolate milk/”not” napping.

teeter totter of sorts

bed o’ babies

I did manage to get the sock finished. It is a basic pattern knit from Crazy Heels and Toes (toe up) with knit 4 purl 2 ribbing on the cuff up the the last inch which is knit 2 purl 2 ribbing.

sock #1

And as for teaching A to knit, well… it did not go as planned (but what does, really!)  Her impression of knitting was that she would sort of move the needles as if she was tossing a salad.  After many lost stitches, I ripped it all out and started her on crochet.  The hat used every single bit of the yarn.  It was mostly single crochet and with three rounds of double crochet/chain one repeats for a little openwork pattern.  It turned out well.  We added a little pom-pom at the top after the picture was taken to use up the last of the yarn.

A’s crochet hat

A’s birthday is July 10, so we made a cake to celebrate while we were there.

A’s butterfly cake

We arrived home to find the first ripe blackberry and an abundance of sunflowers.  Bug wanted to hold the blackberry, promptly squished it in her little hand, licked the juice, and declared it “yummy.”

first blackbery 070107


Ahhhhhhhh, to be home again!


2 thoughts on “Vacation from vacation?

  1. I know what you mean about needing a vacation to recover from a vacation. 🙂

    I’m glad you are all home safely, and that you had a good time. Also, the sock looks great. I’d planned to knit all last week and it just didn’t happen. LOL 😉

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