ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. finally Friday!

This week has seemed particularly long. I don’t know if it is because:

    • I am recovering from last week’s vacation
    • I am still not feeling well (sore throat, coughing, etc)
    • the 4th of July holiday on Wednesday made one week seem like 2 “mini” weeks of 2 days each…

      Anyway, we spent the holiday at a friend’s pool, cooked burgers, and made homemade ice cream. Bug enjoyed herself immensely.

      Bug and the pool

      We took fruit pizza to share (sans the plastic salamander at the right).

      Bug the Bakermore fruit pizza

      I worked on my bag/purse for Yarn Thing/She-Knits Summer KAL-CAL. It is in Sugar and Cream Cotton (2 balls of country sage ombre and 1 ball ecru) usinga Lion Brand pattern (free) as the inspiration. I used a size H hook.

      crochet purse
      bottom of crochet purse

      Bug thinks it makes a good hat, too!


      I’ve started the other “giant” toe up sock for DH and have gotten past the toe increases. I also am trying to do a pair of socks on one long circular for me. I have cast on and have a row or 2 on those (a smaller Opal yarn with purples and yellows).

      I also started my first knit lace project – the Town and Country scarf (Elizabeth I pattern series by JoLene M. Treace) in 100% baby alpaca from KnitPicks in iris heather color. My first impressions of this project are…

      • Man, oh man, that is some teeeeeeny yarn (and I learned to crochet lace as my first yarn experience!)
      • This yarn smells funny…. the ladies at knitting group think it is the dye.
      • This is going to take forever!

      As for the garden, the blackberries (all 6 of them) were part of tonight’s dinner and we’ve harvested about 4 yellow squash. That is all, except for the beautiful sunflowers that have brought the birds for us to enjoy. They stand on top of the flower and bend over to pick out the seeds. Even the hummingbirds come to the sunflowers!

      summer fruits


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