Knitting wars!

Well, I’ve had some knitting ups and downs this weekend. I figured out that upon re-learning (re-teaching myself) to knit, I’ve confused ‘knit’ with ‘knit in the back of the stitch.’ So, I did the Odessa hat and DH’s sock with twisted knit stitches. I will finish the socks that way so they are the same (as much as possible).

second sock

I’ve cast on the lace scarf (of Elizabeth I) and ripped it back out about 8 (feels like hundreds) times now (a few pre-k/k1b) and a few since. Right now the gauge is very off. The scarf is about 12 inches wide, so I’ll probably rip it out again! I’ve gotten used to the k1b as the k stitch so much that it looks funny, too.

lace, try 864!

I did cast on a pair of socks in a finer Opal yarn for me (pre-k/k1b discovery). I don’t think I’ll rip them out, though. I’m going to try 2 at a time on one circular. I’m still going to work with the plain Crazy Heels and Toes until I feel more comfortable.

my socks

I bought some lovely red and black yarn to make Bug some lady bug mittens.

pre-lady bug mittens

I also got 3 balls of green Debbie Bliss dk weight wool-silk on clearance at my LYS. I think I will make a (or 2 or 3)“Get the skinny” scarves or Kelly Petkun’s lace shadow scarf.

Not a bad weekend, I guess…


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