Fingers on fire!

We traveled to Paducah to visit Nana and Pappaw T. Bug had fun, especially on Saturday. We rode in a horse-drawn carriage in downtown Paducah, saw the train, and Bug danced to some of the music they had on their Downtown Saturday Evening Festival-type thing. Although, today she was under the weather (read cranky, perhaps also sick).


dancing Bug

DH and I went to the Farmer’s Market and the coffee shop while Nana and Pappaw had fun with Bug. It was very relaxing not to have to chase a 2 year old around or be on the lookout for what she is getting herself into… There was a lady selling heirloom tomatoes, which were just beautiful!

heirloom tomatoes

It is about a 3 hour drive and DH drove both ways, so knitting/crocheting in the car was very productive.

I visited the LYS (With Ewe in Mind) in Paducah on Saturday. The ladies there are super-nice. I also found a GREAT crochet book: Hooked Bags. I bought it and some nice cotton and started on the Shells and Tunisian Crochet Bag. I inherited some Tunisian crochet hooks, but never knew what they were until just a few weeks ago. So, it is nice to learn (yet another) new technique. This bags uses the technique, but the number of stitches done in Tunisian is only about 6, so I can use a regular hook. I had forgotten how good it feels to work with soft cotton….

Tunisian shells bag 071507

I turned the heel on DH’s second sock (my first pair!). I can see why socks are such a draw… they are so practical, but can get whimsical as well.

sock #2 071507

I have also started on a project that I will try to felt. It is a coin purse that is knit as a rectangle then sewed together. It is a free pattern from Lion. I hadn’t really ever been intrigued by felting (I know, you are GASPING in surprise) until I saw this little purse…

felted coin purse 071507

We arrived back home to a bounty of sunflowers, including the first blossom of the deep orange Mexican sunflower!

sunflowers 071507

Mexican sunflower


2 thoughts on “Fingers on fire!

  1. We love trains! The oldest is completely fascinated by them. We’ve driven hours each way for very short train rides for the boys. They are mesmerizing!! He’s gonna love your picture!

    Hope bug isn’t too cranky, and not sick!!

  2. She seems somewhat better today. I, too, love trains. I want to go on a train ride, but DH (and everyone else) keeps trying to talk me out of it. He says it takes too long to get anywhere, but I’d be going for the “ride” as well, not just the destination…. 🙂

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