feeling very blah….

I think I’m kind of burned out at work.  I barely get anything of my own accomplished.  I just seem to answer questions from my research students as they come up.  I keep piddling around on the computer.  The students will be done next Friday.  I really like them and they all are working very hard, but I’m ready for a break.

I was trying to put up pictures on flickr, but the uploadr was erroring out.  I finally got them up using jUploadr.  I don’t know how much of the pictures of Bug that I should make public, though.  It scares me that there are “bad people” out there that might be looking at her pictures.  What do you all do?


One thought on “feeling very blah….

  1. What do I do?
    For the longest time, I tried not to use the kids names, but sometimes, it slips out. With wordpress, you can see the terms used to find something. I know son wears dresses will pull up one of my posts. Not that the oldest wears dresses, he just asked me to wear one. PFFFT as if. Anyway, I would just watch that on the dashboard, and make a call that way. In the long run, tho, I bet you’re ok. 🙂

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