Join-a-holic and introspection

I’ve  just joined my third yarn-a-long group!  The first was the purse round-up by YarnThing and She-Knits.  The second was the Lace Shawl KAL and the latest is the Inspired by Nature KAL.  I’m hoping the the Inspired by Nature moderator will consider crochet as well as knit items.

I’ve also discovered something about myself via this yarn thing… I’m a very process-oriented person.  I enjoy having a finished object or item since my “day job” work is very abstract.  However, I’m almost always in something for the new challenge.  Once I’ve got it down (read semi-competent), I’m ready for a new challenge.  This peculiarity, which mostly results in “doing things the hard way,” does not mesh well with my desire to be a more even-tempered person, as it is often a very time consuming and aggravating way to live…  Argh!


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