light at the end of the giant sock tunnel

The second giant sock is nearly done! About 1 more inch of k4p2 ribbing and an inch of k2p2 ribbing.

second giant sock 072007

I also have gotten to the scary sewing part of the Crochet wristlet. I think I will make the handle considerably longer and attach it at both side (no longer a wristlet, but a tiny messenger bag). I prefer purses that hang on instead of having to be “carried.” The scary sewing part will involve lining (lining and fleece) and the terrifying ZIPPER! I have never put a zipper into anything…

pieces of Tunisian and shells wristlet

Here is a close up of the stitches.

close up Tunisian and shells

I’m going to take a class tomorrow in kool-aid dyeing at my LYS.

Work was better the last two days. We’re working on a paper and I make bargains with myself about “just concentrate and work for one more hour…” I always end up working longer and actually have made good headway on some of the figures.

Oh, the sunflowers are BEAUTIFUL!

sunflowers 072007more sunflowers 072007


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