I “heart” kool-aid!

Bug and I traveled to visit Nana and Pappaw S. for the beginning of this week. Sister and her boys are here from VA as well. The trip went well and Bug enjoyed her own decaf Frappacino, especially licking the whipped cream off the top.

Bug’s Frappacino

We visited the Ohio River today on the Maysville side. The kids had a ball throwing rocks and sand into the river and seeing a train.

3 at the river

On the crafting/gardening front…

The passion flowers are blooming back home.

passion flower

The ipod carrier knitting part is done, but I’ve decided to make a crochet border and cord to carry it around my neck. I’ll post pictures later in the week. The kool-aid yarn is AWESOME to work with… pretty and smells nice. I started a scarf with the other kool-aid dyed yarn – an alternating moss stitch/stockinette stripey deal (at least for now). I’ll take some pictures tomorrow when I can use the natural light to get the colors right. I “heart” koolaid!


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