Family travels

We had a good time in Ohio seeing the family.  We tried several new recipes.  Some keepers, like the apple and pear salsa, but not others, like the pineapple slaw.   I’ll share the salsa recipe later.  We mostly just visited, but had a bonfire with s’mores one evening (even though it was >90F)! The s’mores were excellent as Z (Sister’s youngest) can attest.


While on a “Bug rest stop” in Bowling Green, KY, we went into a local yarn shop called Crafty Hands. It was a very nice shop and I bought some Malabrigo yarn for a special gift for DH in a beautiful (yet secret) color! I’ve been looking for this for quite a while and thought I would have to go into Nashville to get it.

We made it back home with only one small crying fit when Bug was tired. She was in an excellent mood this morning, even though she did not want to give me back my pop can.


I finished the ipod case (knitted with an “eyelet diamond” design from the stitchionary and a picot crochet border). It is in my koolaid-dyed yarn and knit on size 3 US needles.


I’ve nearly made it to the end of the Tunisian and shells wristlet for the purse cal-kal, but still need to sew in the zippered lining! It is lined with fleece for structure and then also has a silky and shiny “real” lining. Man, that thing is tedious.



The lace scarf was ripped out and started yet again! But the kool-aid scarf is progressing well. It is 5 rows of moss stitch and 5 rows of stockinette – alternating.


We’re going to be traveling this coming week. Bug will be at the Grandparents T. and we are traveling to San Francisco for 4 days. I know that it is good for us to be away from her for a little while and have “couple-time,” but I feel sad when I think about leaving her.


4 thoughts on “Family travels

  1. Taking care of you & your relationship is the best thing you can do for her & staying with the grandparents strengthens her ties to them. It’s a win win situation, Enjoy it!

  2. First … YAY on the socks! The kool-aid yarn is awesome. I have not has suck good luck when I’ve tried it. I should take a class.

    SF should be lots of fun. I’ve never been west coast, but have wanted to a lot recently. I’m sure Bug will have a lot of fun too with the grandparents. She is very lucky to have. 🙂

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