School-starting blues, but then some happier things

The school year is nearly upon us here in middle Tennessee – that is for the University. Next week will bring nonexistent parking spaces, even at 7am in the morning. It will also bring a flood of traffic onto the nearby roads that have ALL been and will be torn up for months and months to come.

This week I am trying to remain calm and get ready for the flurry of next week. I’m working on revising a lab book, arranging all of my syllabi including “field trips” and incoming speakers, and… I should also be working in the lab and writing papers. Yes, I have a difficult time balancing work and the rest of my life. I seem to think there are more hours in a day than is realistic. I guess all moms are like that, but scientist-moms seem to have a more difficult time with it. We were trained for science to be “first” in our lives, but it shouldn’t be. Me? I’m still working on it.

Anyway, on to some happier things… a visit to see the grandparents in Ohio.

Big balloons of the first Buffalo Trace Balloon Race in Maysville, KY – we didn’t get to do the tethered ride because a ba-jillion people were in line already!

Hot air ballons, Maysville, KY

Bug likes shoes – even Nana and Pappaw’s garden boots! She got into them all by herself…

Bug and the garden boots

Sweet, sleeping baby toes!

Baby toes

We didn’t know this, but the Great Ohio River Paddle was last weekend as well. We saw the signs when we went down to Ripley’s farmer’s market on Saturday.


Big toddler hair courtesy of static electricity… he he hebig hair


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