More ramblings…

I have sooooo missed the Sticks and String Podcast this week.  It has become my favorite and now it has been nearly 2 weeks since my fix.  Poor David was ill last week.  Feel better, David!!!

School/work has been ok this week.  Syllabi are ready; two are already copied.  I’m still working on getting everything on the new course management system (webCT to D2L).

We took Bug on a boat ride (a friend’s boat) yesterday afternoon (played hooky, after all it is still summer, right?). It is still so fricking hot here – over 100F every day for the last month!

Bug on boat
I was still in denial, even this morning, that the end of summer has really come, but the traffic in the dorm areas this afternoon snapped me into reality… which is why all the syllabi are now done.

Bug is doing well in her new room at “school” (read fewer crying fits that we are leaving her there).   She has been having trouble going to bed without crying for about 30 minutes lately.  I had wondered if she was having scary dreams or was getting afraid of the dark.  I finally put a brighter night light in there and she didn’t cry nearly as long tonight.

Not a lot of craft-related things this week.  I made an “all about me” poster for Bug’s room at school.  It is a collage of pictures on a 12×12 sheet of paper that they laminate to comfort her when needed.  I didn’t even think to take a picture until just now.  I like doing the digital collages better; it is more tidy.   I do like the shutterfly collage software, but it is not user-friendly.  I did a  14×11 print for my sister and it turned out really well.

Birthday collage MAW

There is progress on the Malagaiter, mostly due to tonight’s visit to the LYS … into the 4th repeat of 6 repeats!  I love this pattern (free from Magknits)!  I love this yarn (malabrigo)!  The greens are deeper than the photo tells.

malagaiter 8/24/07

Tomorrow there is spinning at the LYS.  I’m going to take Bug and see how long she’ll tolerate watching.  We can always go to the bookstore and hang around (that is where the toy trains and train tracks live) to stay out of the heat, or maybe go to the Discovery Center again…

There is thunder outside and lightning, but no rain … what a tease!


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