Whining… again.

I have this beautiful, smart child.   She is only 2.  She is the only one we have, and will likely have.  She wears me out and wallers me to the point that I am cranky, short-tempered, and sometimes mean.  I don’t like myself when I feel and act this way.   I love her and want to set a good example for her.  She mimics everything I do.  What is wrong with me?


One thought on “Whining… again.

  1. Nothing at all. You are human, and we all have bad days. The twos are trying, for mom and child alike. Imagine having so much to say, and just not all the right words! It’s funny how kids can be so intuned, not act up all week, but start the minute you realize you’ve missed a deadline, and are rushing to get everything done, and boom tantrum.
    You’ll both be fine, just give lots of extra hugs to make you feel better.
    School starts for the boys tomorrow, and I do love the first day of school. I miss them by the third day, but the silence of the first day is wonderful.

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