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Birthday week zoomed by

It seems that the week just zoomed past me.  I was and am very tired for some reason.  My wonderful SP sent me a book for my birthday: Hip Knits.  It is chock full of lovely patterns!  Thank you (again) SP!

DH is going to get me a swift and ball winder, or at least that is what I requested.  He also gave me a lovely card and some purple mums.   We didn’t get to go out because he teaches from 8am until 9pm on Wednesdays (my birthday).  We’ll go some other time, though.

I’ve been able to make some progress on some work things and some crafty things.

Tests are graded! Wa-hoo!

Sock 1 heel is done!

sock 1 092307

DNA scarf for DH is started.  It is the illusion scarf called Rosalind from MagKnits.  It is baby alpaca and man is it SOFT!!!

DNA scarf, grey and black

Cranky Pants has been out and about quite a bit – many parks to visit swings and slides. I think she is either having allergy issues or is getting a cold.

We also visited a handmade craft store in Christiana today called Honey Bunny.  They had a lot of interesting items and I bought some Emu Oil bar lotion for DH and some for my SP11.  I also bought her a pair of tatted earrings.  I’ve wanted to learn to tat (read tried to teach myself), but it hasn’t ever “stuck.”  This lady tats with much smaller thread (really, thread) than I’ve ever tried.   She also had classic-style aprons.  Bug particularly liked the small dolls and their rocking chair.


Progress, but tired

We had a good time at the park over the weekend. Bug also liked playing with some gloves that we inherited from my great-grandmother.

Bug at the Park

Bug’s formal white gloves This week got off to a bad start as Cranky-pants (aka CP, Bug’s alter ego) woke up this morning. She (CP) continued on to school where the drop-off was heart-wrenching. CP also woke up from nap and had to be held for about 20 minutes. I put her to bed early without much protest.

Work had some good news – we got a grant from the National Science Foundation for scholarships! Yay! The presentation went ok and I got the tests made up. All the “had to” items off the list!

I got to go to knitting group on Sunday. I started and finished an amigurumi head (from the free Crochet Me pattern) and it looks more like it will be a rasta-gurumi!

rasta-gurumi head

rasta-gurumi head

I also worked on my socks and got some rows done this evening while Bug watched SpongeBob and Charlie Brown. I really enjoy knitting this part of the sock (gusset increases).

my socks 091707

I bought some yarn (black and gray suri alpaca) for the DNA illusion scarf for DH and a little skein of sock yarn (clearance!) for Bug-sized socks!

Glad it is Friday

Bug, DH, and I went to an Ice Cream Social at school yesterday.  There was music and ice cream and Bug loved them both.  She was extremely tired in the evening from all of her roaming and dancing and even slept an hour late this morning.  She spent all of yesterday in “big girl panties” with only one accident at nap time!  Yippee!

Bug at the Ice Cream Social


This week seems to have been quite long and I’m glad to be on this side of the school-week.  Although, I’ll have to do some more preparing over the weekend for my presentation on Monday and the exams I’m giving on Tuesday.

I have made it almost to the starting point of the gusset increases for my first sock.  Socks are still kind of stressful, not mindless, for me.  I’m feeling the need to finish some more things, but all of my projects are moving kind of slow.  I think I need a good small project, maybe crochet, to get it out of my system.

I sent my SP package out this morning.  I’m excited to see how she likes the yarn I dyed for her and the other goodies in her package.

We ate at the Indian restaurant for lunch.  I like Indian food, but it will intermittently give me really bad heartburn.  My stomach was not feeling well enough to go to knitting this evening (sad face).  Maybe DH will take care of Bug on Sunday afternoon so I can go then.

Happy Weekend!

Lot ‘o yarny goodness…

Well, I still didn’t get home and have time to photograph things before dark.  So, I got as much light as I could and tried it inside.

FO-Malgaiter (The red cord will be switched out for a green or black one.)

malagaiter-green, done!

Yarn: Malabrigo, worsted in color verdes, 1 hank (very little left, YAY!)

Needles:  Knit picks option, size 5US

Pattern: Malagaiter on Magknits by  Mary Lou Egan (pennant pleating version)

Modifications: None, it was perfect as is

Recipient: Sister

WIP-Lace Scarf (Town and Country)Progress:  Repeat 3!

lace scarf progress

It is measuring at 1.5 inches per repeat so there will likely be 20 total repeats, but YAY!

WIP-socks for me

sock for me

Past the toe increases and into the foot knitting.

RIP- Sunrise scarf (cue TAPS music)…

poor sunrise yarn

I just could not bear the scratchiness of this yarn on my neck, so I couldn’t very well make a scarf to give someone else.  I think I’ll make hats or maybe an amigurumi doll for Bug.

I dyed this merino wool yarn for my SP.

SP yarn

I started out with KnitPicks Bare and used kool-aid.  I “heart” kool-aid!  The “darker” versions of the green and turquoise came from a “wash” in very dilute purple following the initial coloring.   I named it Fatima’s Delight.


Today is a date that is forever sad in my heart.  Rest in peace.

A lovely way to start the weekend…

My lovely secret pal sent me a lovely box of things (for me and for Bug!). The scarf was in the bag. The bag is really cute and reminds me of bubblegum colors. The scarf is incredibly soft. Thank you so much! The pictures this time are small. We’re at Nana and Pappaw T.’s, so I don’t have my usual software to shrink. I’ll replace them with the normal size when we get home.


Bug could barely wait to I have one of the suckers, which she declared “yummy sucker.” I have never even seen caramel tootsie-pops! She then moved on to the goldfish crackers. We’ll definitely use the sidewalk chalk. She loves to make animals on the driveway.


I also got my Hill County Yarn sock club package yesterday, too. It is very pretty. I will post pictures of it and the rest of the yarn-related stuff (eg, the malagaiter) this coming week.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also got my package from Amazon. It had 3 DVDs for Bug (2 Weebles and Toy Story) and the book I’m giving to my SP.

I worked on my socks on the way to Paducah, but I’m going to have to rip out some. They are just too big, even though the Crazy Heels and Toes goes by real measurements. I must have measured wrong or something.

Thank goodness it has cooled down and we’re able to play outside!  Happy Weekend!

Mid-week rambling…

I’ve made past mid-week, class-wise. I tried to dye some yarn for my SP 11. One skein came out really cool, but the other looks weird. I think it is the yarn itself as the last skein of this I used I wasn’t terribly happy about either. It is a heavy weight all wool. The colors are just not rich and deep, they are more sherbet colors. I’ll take some pics when I’m able to get home (and have a spare moment) before dark. I also finished the green malagaiter (again pics will come soon). I also just received an email that the Hill Country Yarns sock club first shipment has shipped. This is my first adventure into sock clubs and will be interested to see how it goes. I like that they only send 1 shipment every other month, as I am not fast enough to do a pair a month.

I gotta get up early, so bye for now.


I’ve heard lots of people mention that they occasionally have start-itis. Me, I have the opposite, finish-itis. I need to get something, anything finished! Just something to check off the list when I feel like I’ve got too many things in process. It also crops up when I’ve been doing things that don’t really have a “product” that I can see or touch.

I have finally finished the Tunisian and shells wristlet from the Hooked Bags book. I REALLY dreaded putting in the zipper. But the summer purse cal-kal was ending, so I had to just “do it” so that I could include it.

Here are the particulars:

Crochet hook: G

Pattern: Tunisian and shell pattern from Hooked Bags

Yarn: shiny, coral-like yarn color choice (color 3475 of Cotton Classic), most of 2 skeins (26g left)

Modifications: Minor, 1)increased number of rows for wrist band and crocheted it on , 2) crocheted all sides together instead of sewing them, and 3) constructed lining and zipper completely before sewing it into the bag (as in split yarn’s tutorial on wristlets).

Tunisian shells, FO

Tunisian shells, FO

Tunisian shells, blue lining, FO

The malagaiter progress is going well. I’m on repeat 5 of 6! YAY!

malagaiter, green, 9/2/07

I’ve gotten past to toe increases for the first of my socks (toe up).

my sock, 09/02/07

I just discovered wimples and smokerings (lacy hat/scarf). They look really useful. The dual purpose idea is the reason I like the malagaiter (hat/scarf/ear cover). I need to get some more things done, though, before I can start one.

Check out Bug’s new hair-do. She actually let me put 2 pigtails in her hair this morning (with the help of the distracting TV!)

Bug, 09/02/07

Happy Labor Day!