I’ve heard lots of people mention that they occasionally have start-itis. Me, I have the opposite, finish-itis. I need to get something, anything finished! Just something to check off the list when I feel like I’ve got too many things in process. It also crops up when I’ve been doing things that don’t really have a “product” that I can see or touch.

I have finally finished the Tunisian and shells wristlet from the Hooked Bags book. I REALLY dreaded putting in the zipper. But the summer purse cal-kal was ending, so I had to just “do it” so that I could include it.

Here are the particulars:

Crochet hook: G

Pattern: Tunisian and shell pattern from Hooked Bags

Yarn: shiny, coral-like yarn color choice (color 3475 of Cotton Classic), most of 2 skeins (26g left)

Modifications: Minor, 1)increased number of rows for wrist band and crocheted it on , 2) crocheted all sides together instead of sewing them, and 3) constructed lining and zipper completely before sewing it into the bag (as in split yarn’s tutorial on wristlets).

Tunisian shells, FO

Tunisian shells, FO

Tunisian shells, blue lining, FO

The malagaiter progress is going well. I’m on repeat 5 of 6! YAY!

malagaiter, green, 9/2/07

I’ve gotten past to toe increases for the first of my socks (toe up).

my sock, 09/02/07

I just discovered wimples and smokerings (lacy hat/scarf). They look really useful. The dual purpose idea is the reason I like the malagaiter (hat/scarf/ear cover). I need to get some more things done, though, before I can start one.

Check out Bug’s new hair-do. She actually let me put 2 pigtails in her hair this morning (with the help of the distracting TV!)

Bug, 09/02/07

Happy Labor Day!


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