A lovely way to start the weekend…

My lovely secret pal sent me a lovely box of things (for me and for Bug!). The scarf was in the bag. The bag is really cute and reminds me of bubblegum colors. The scarf is incredibly soft. Thank you so much! The pictures this time are small. We’re at Nana and Pappaw T.’s, so I don’t have my usual software to shrink. I’ll replace them with the normal size when we get home.


Bug could barely wait to I have one of the suckers, which she declared “yummy sucker.” I have never even seen caramel tootsie-pops! She then moved on to the goldfish crackers. We’ll definitely use the sidewalk chalk. She loves to make animals on the driveway.


I also got my Hill County Yarn sock club package yesterday, too. It is very pretty. I will post pictures of it and the rest of the yarn-related stuff (eg, the malagaiter) this coming week.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also got my package from Amazon. It had 3 DVDs for Bug (2 Weebles and Toy Story) and the book I’m giving to my SP.

I worked on my socks on the way to Paducah, but I’m going to have to rip out some. They are just too big, even though the Crazy Heels and Toes goes by real measurements. I must have measured wrong or something.

Thank goodness it has cooled down and we’re able to play outside!  Happy Weekend!


One thought on “A lovely way to start the weekend…

  1. I’m glad you got your package before you left home and that everything was a hit. The Tootsie-Pop is a limited edition for the fall!

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