Glad it is Friday

Bug, DH, and I went to an Ice Cream Social at school yesterday.  There was music and ice cream and Bug loved them both.  She was extremely tired in the evening from all of her roaming and dancing and even slept an hour late this morning.  She spent all of yesterday in “big girl panties” with only one accident at nap time!  Yippee!

Bug at the Ice Cream Social


This week seems to have been quite long and I’m glad to be on this side of the school-week.  Although, I’ll have to do some more preparing over the weekend for my presentation on Monday and the exams I’m giving on Tuesday.

I have made it almost to the starting point of the gusset increases for my first sock.  Socks are still kind of stressful, not mindless, for me.  I’m feeling the need to finish some more things, but all of my projects are moving kind of slow.  I think I need a good small project, maybe crochet, to get it out of my system.

I sent my SP package out this morning.  I’m excited to see how she likes the yarn I dyed for her and the other goodies in her package.

We ate at the Indian restaurant for lunch.  I like Indian food, but it will intermittently give me really bad heartburn.  My stomach was not feeling well enough to go to knitting this evening (sad face).  Maybe DH will take care of Bug on Sunday afternoon so I can go then.

Happy Weekend!


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