Another week gone?

Work and Bug have been keeping me really busy this past week.  Also, we went to the fair this weekend and just drove back this morning.  I’m going to try to post some more this coming week, but they will likely be short posts, including the “stash” picture for SP11 (Hi Pal!).  Now for some fun.

Bug enjoyed the fair – seeing the animals (here baby chicks),

Bug and baby chicks

and big pumpkins (largest was a meager 105 pounds, we’ve seen >250 some years),

Bug and Big Pumpkins

and sitting on the big tractors,

Bug and the tractor

and some of the crafts.

Bug and the doll house

There are lots of crafty things at this fair (the Brown County, Ohio Fair).  I’ll post some more general pictures – maybe try a collage later.  Here are some of the unusual sightings…

a hot dog cake…

hot dog cake

a ladybug pumpkin…

Lady bug pumpkin

a scarecrow with straw hair that any goth kid would kill for … (my dad is in the middle there)

scary scarecrows

and a mutant, multi-headed sunflower.

mutant sunflower

I got some knitting done in the car as we traveled.

Progress on the DNA scarf… love the yarn!

DNA scarf 100107

Progress on the first sock of pair #2 (mine).  I think I like the length of the cuff, so only the bind-off remains.

sock 1, nearly done

I wish there were a few more hours in the day… If only I didn’t need sleep. 🙂


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