Stash photo and “baby cow”

For SP11 we have to put up a picture of our stash.

You’ll see three totes in the “Stash Collage.” One has yarn and completed projects, one has only yarn, and the big blue tote at the right has doily crochet cotton and my prototypes.

The last photo (bottom left) is a box containing a pitiful UFO that I may not finish. I like the project, I like the idea of the project, but it is icky scratchy yarn. It was meant to be an afghan for my mom. It has been years since I touched it. Maybe I should start out with some soft yarn…

stash collage

In funnier happenings… we saw lots of cows at the fair and saw a small black and white Holstein-like dog that she called a “baby cow.” ha ha ha ha ha!

baby cow


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