Crafty, crafty county fair (lots of pictures)

The fair in Brown County, Ohio is called the Little State Fair.  I never quite understood this until I went to some other county fairs that turned out to be just carnival rides with a few displays.   This fair has lots of animals (a later post) and lots of home-made and home-grown items.

I’ve already mentioned the big pumpkins, but there are lots of other fruits and veggies, too.


A recycled art contest (the anteater won)

recycled anteater

Flower-arranging contests,


Crafty categories, such as knitting and crochet



quiltsmore quiltsmore quilts

drawing and painting,


and the newly added scrapbook section


There are also baked goods,


canned goods,


and even more grown goods (at the right is dried tobacco).


So, if you are ever in southern Ohio around the end of September, you’d be glad you stopped by this fair.  There is a big parade with school bands, lots of horse shows in the center ring, fresh pork tenderloin sandwiches, and a tractor pull, too.  There are rides and carnival-type games, if you like that sort of thing, too.  I’m partial because I grew up there. 🙂


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