Off we go to the pumpkin patch!

Tomorrow is Bug’s first field trip, the pumpkin patch! She has been mentioning it for about a week now. We’re going with the daycare with essentially one-two parents per child. I wonder what kind of chaos there will be with a large gathering of children from the “2 plus”, 3, 4, and 5 year rooms. Bug is in the “2+” room. It amazes me how much she learns there. She counted to 10 in Spanish the other day in the car.

We traveled to Paducah to visit Grandparents T. where Bug is the only grandchild. She sure loves her Pappaw T!

Bug and Pappaw T

I got a bit of knitting done (not in the car, as I drove separately from DH who came up on Saturday). I have finished my first sock and am past the toe increases on the second of my socks.

my socks 100807

I made some progress on the DNA scarf earlier in the week. It is turning out so cool! I keep thinking of how I could “disguise” other things… evil scientist laugh —mwahhhhahhhahhhh!

DNA scarf, top view 100707 TOP VIEWDNA scarf, side view 100707 SIDE VIEW

We ate at Kirchoff’s Deli and Bakery in Paducah. It is always very yummy. I had a wonderful Turkey and Artichoke sandwich and then a Cowboy cookie (oatmeal chocolate chip)! The coffee shop (Peppermills and Market Square Coffee) is right there, too (all 3 are connected) and makes a good latte. They have free wi-fi, but no web page!? Bug saw the “big water,” the big train, and something new: a paddlewheeler boat. It was the Mississippi Queen docked in Paducah. That thing is FOUR stories tall!

On the work front, things have been extremely busy. You can probably tell from the reduced blogging frequency and the slow progress on my projects. I haven’t been to my knitting group in two weeks (three if I don’t get to go this week!). But, fall break is next week, so we should have some fun then.

I’m sure there will be pumpkin pictures tomorrow. Until then… 🙂


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