Fall break fun and ‘not so much’ fun

The good parts… Bug had lots of fun playing outside this weekend.

Bug at park

Bug and pinto

I caught up on paperwork, grading, etc these past 2 days.  The light traffic and open parking on campus was a bonus.  I went to the bookstore for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon – browsed the books and magazines and then knit on the DNA scarf before reading a student thesis.

DNA scarf 10/14/07DNA scarf 10/14/07

I found the cutest knitted animals directions (Noah’s ark) in the September issue of Simply Knitting (British) and had to buy it.  I will definitely be making some of these for Bug and my sister’s boys.  I also bought a copy of Robert Fulghum’s new book What on Earth Have I Done?.

Noah’s ark knit version

We went out to lunch today and then back to the bookstore for a while.  I then worked some more on the student thesis before picking up Bug.

Now for the ‘not so much fun’ parts…

Saturday – we tried to go camping in the pop-up camper.  First, it took forever to get everything packed up. Then, the camper had a flat tire.  After that, we drove to Old Stone Fort (about 40′ away) only to find there was ‘no vacancy’ at the camp ground.  We then decided to plow on to another camp ground about 45′ further only to find there was ‘no vacancy’ there, too.  We turned around to head home (3 strikes, we’re out!)  We stopped at a Mexican restaurant for dinner and headed home.  After Bug got the bed both of us were extremely nauseous.  Maybe Mexican wasn’t such a good idea….

Sunday – Despite still feeling kind of nauseated, I decided to take Bug to the park.  Barfield Park has a fenced playground for small kids.  We were playing in the “fish eye” part and she was running to the back of the fisheye for the umpteenth time when she smacked her little face right into the playground equipment where the rubber and wood mulch meet.  She says the “park hurt me nose.”  I almost took her to the ER because I thought she broke her nose.

pre-Park hurt BugBEFORE

post-Park hurt Bug AFTER

I know the “bad” parts could have been worse …  Hey, there are only 3 more days in this work week!  YAY!


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