My great-grandmother’s legacy

Another SP11 contest brings this topic up.

What was the first thing I knit (or crocheted)?  My mom taught me how to do chains when I was small, but I really learned to crochet from my great-grandmother (Elizabeth) just after I learned to drive.  My sister and I had a standing appointment on Thursdays to go visit and learn.  She started us on a lace edging.

Becky’s first lace

We learned how to read the crocheted item itself to replicate the item.  Later on I learned how to read patterns, and just now am learning how to read diagrams.  Anyway, she died only about 10 years ago.  My family has always been close (literally and emotionally) and long-lived.  I miss my great-grandparents still.  They were spunky!

My sister and I are the only ones who crochet in this whole extended family, so naturally we got her projects and her hooks, needles, and shuttles.  In looking for my first project, I re-found this… her unfinished project.

Mammaw J’s bedspread

Mammaw J’s bedspread block

It was to be a very large bedspread – currently measuring about 10 feet across and 4 1/2 feet wide.  She had 3 blocks finished but not added and two more nearly done.  There is also a bag of crochet cotton.  I feel both blessed and sad to have it.  I’m glad to come from such handy and talented folks, but I am sad that my daughter will not be as close to her grandparents because we live so far away.


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