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Bug and I are on our own these next few days as DH is away at a conference.  The holidays are very busy around here with something planned for every weekend.  This weekend is DH’s family Christmas dinner (his father’s family) and we will be going (DH-less, though  😦  ).  But Bug will get to play with Pappaw T, who is one of her very favorite people.  Nothing on the crafty front; the end of semester busy-ness has started.

Here are some unusual pictures from Thanksgiving.

This is the biggest gingko tree I have ever seen.  These trees drop all their fan-shaped bright yellow leaves over a single day.  It is near where I grew up (Ripley, Ohio) near the intersection of US52 and US68/62.  This picture was taken on Wednesday and on Friday the tree was completely bare.


Bug with Pappaw S ride a “turtle’ near the Ohio River.



Crafty update

I finished the clogs for my sp11. This is her last package since SP11 ends on Friday.

before felting SP11 clogs

after felting SP11 clogs

I made some significant progress on DH’s clogs – the second sole and cuff are left besides the felting. His are the men’s medium for an extra wide foot.

DH clogs


I am thankful for…

our family (safe and sound, here and elsewhere), my friends, my cats, my health, a good job, enough money to pay the bills and have some splurges.

Thanksgiving was filled with lots of familial chaos mostly due to a nearly 13 year old, a 10 year old, a nearly 4 year old, and 2 two year olds being in the same vicinity for 4 days. There was playing in the leaf piles, petting the horse and the dog, playing at the park and outside, visiting the John Deere store, decorating ornaments, making pot holders, and lots of cooking and eating.

Bug and Dad

C, Z, and A give Lassie treats


making pot holders

Thanksgiving already?

Time seems to be passing so quickly.  I can hardly believe it is nearly Thanksgiving.  We will be traveling to Ohio this week to visit Nana and Pappaw S.  My sister and her family will be in from Virginia, as well.  My brother and his family only live 5 minutes from my parents, so we will all be together.  I really do miss having any family close.

In crafty news, I have nearly finished the second pair of clogs.  This pair is for my SP11.  Only the sewing the soles up and felting are left to do.

SP11 clogs

I was very surprised at how long it has taken for my mom’s pair to dry following the felting.  I bought some blue yarn to start a pair for DH.  I know he will like them and I’m going to try and get them done over Thanksgiving break.

Bug’s attitude has been better this week.  We had to step up the discipline.  Here are some of the good times….

bellydancing Bug

bellydancing bug

sleeping Bug


Bug’s penguin cookie


Have a great Holiday!

Singing the blues…

Bug has been super-cantankerous these past few days.  To quote Elvis…  ‘She looks like an angel, walks like an angel, talks like an angel, but I got wise – she’s the devil in disguise.  Oh, yes she is the devil in disguise.’


A ‘hitting, pinching, climbing all over me, disobeying constantly, being mean to the cats, refusing to sleep, refusing to eat, highly distractable, refusing to go potty’  two and a half year old….

One day we’ll look back and laugh, but not today.

Does the time change steal an hour every day?

Since it is dark at 5pm now here in TN, it seems like there is just less time in the day.  I swear that the time change has stolen an hour each and every day, not just the one!  Anyway, I’ve made some progress on the Victorian Lace Today scarf (into the 3rd repeat as of knit night this evening).

VLT scarf 110907

I did a few rounds on my sock.  There is seriously little knitting going on here during the week.  Maybe the weekend will be better – after all, the tests I gave this week are already graded!  Yipee!

I took Bug to the park for a whole 40 minutes before total darkness descended today.

Bug at the park

I also broke down and joined weight watchers online for 3 months.  I’ve got to eat healthier and start exercising again.