Let’s just start the holidays now…

I’m feeling ready to give up the day-to-day routine and head for the oddness that comes with the holidays. I think it has mostly to do with this being the 3/4 part of the semester. We’re all (students and faculty alike) tired of each other and ready for a significant break.

We celebrated a friend’s 40th birthday on Friday evening in Frankfort, KY

A’s 40th!

and then traveled the rest of the way up to Ohio to visit my parents. My dad is doing well with with his second shoulder surgery. He said this one (his right) was more painful than the first one (his left). Bug comforted him by sharing a peanut butter cookie.

pappaw and bug

We also went to the Ripley, OH farmer’s market. It is the first year for it and it is going to continue until December. It was interesting to see the different things for sale at this time of year including this 16 pound sweet potato!

SWEET potato

That is a regular size milk crate, folks!

We also ground some cornmeal from a type of corn called “bloody butcher corn.”


grinding cornmeal

The river was very pretty with a bit of residual fog even though the fall colors weren’t at peak.

Ohio River

I got some knitting done.

I’m at the cuff of the first clog,


in the second repeat of the green Victorian Lace Today scarf,

scarf lace

and close to the end of the ribbing on my second sock (pair #2).


Do not let this fool you, though… the DNA illusion scarf and the Elizabeth lace scarf are not yet done. They are just taking a break.


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