Thanksgiving already?

Time seems to be passing so quickly.  I can hardly believe it is nearly Thanksgiving.  We will be traveling to Ohio this week to visit Nana and Pappaw S.  My sister and her family will be in from Virginia, as well.  My brother and his family only live 5 minutes from my parents, so we will all be together.  I really do miss having any family close.

In crafty news, I have nearly finished the second pair of clogs.  This pair is for my SP11.  Only the sewing the soles up and felting are left to do.

SP11 clogs

I was very surprised at how long it has taken for my mom’s pair to dry following the felting.  I bought some blue yarn to start a pair for DH.  I know he will like them and I’m going to try and get them done over Thanksgiving break.

Bug’s attitude has been better this week.  We had to step up the discipline.  Here are some of the good times….

bellydancing Bug

bellydancing bug

sleeping Bug


Bug’s penguin cookie


Have a great Holiday!


One thought on “Thanksgiving already?

  1. Her cheeks are so rosy in the picture of her sleeping.

    The two’s can be difficult. I’m finding out that seven is just as difficult as two, just different.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

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