My SP is the best SP ever!

Bug and I arrived home to find a giant box at the door.  It had been a long day of work, then errands.

This box was sent by my SP11 pal, author of Coffee Yarn.   I actually already read her blog, which I stumbled upon because I was interested in dyeing yarn with coffee.  She is the best pal ever.  She sent so many wonderful things.

A beautiful box


filled with lots of thoughtful goodies including:


a woven scarf, a knitted bookmark,  2 patterns (one toddler skirt and one vest), yarn (dreamsicle cotton and blue-green mohair blend), espresso-infused dark chocolate, a sock blocker key ring (with tiny pattern) , bath salts, post-it notes, paints and detangler for Bug.   I know it may sound strange, but I don’t have many hand-made items.  I give them all away and rarely make anything for me.  It is very special to have someone make something for me.


To top it all off, she made this beautiful card!  What a thoughtful person she is!!!!  I’m not sure that I should even join SP again because I’m sure that no other pal could live up to her… 🙂  Thank you so much!

Bug enjoyed every bit of opening the box, opening the presents inside, and playing in the peanuts inside….

bug in box

She got very upset when we finally cleaned them up and she couldn’t play in them anymore.

bug upset

In other news, I finished my socks.  The ends need woven in and washed.

socks, pair 2

Also, I made Sheri’s Truffle Cake for work except I used pomegranate seeds instead of raspberries for decoration.  It was a big hit!

truffle cake


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