Ramblings and a recipe

Even though the semester is done, I’ve been at work both days (not for a “full” day, though).  I’m not going in again until after New Year’s (my goal).  I’m feeling somewhat burnt out at work, so I’m trying to find some peace and replenishment.  I have a tough time finding some kind of balance between work, family, and personal time.

Yesterday I joined a gym in town while the rec center is closed for the break and it was fun to go yesterday.  They have a big movie theater and I watched the end of the last Bourne movie.  I wonder if they only play action movies to keep the pace up.

Today I took Bug to the doctor (waited 45 minutes past the appt time before we even saw the doctor!) to find out she has an ear infection.  We didn’t have an inkling until she screamed non-stop last night about midnight for an entire hour and then woke up screaming again at 3am.  I’m surprised I’m even still awake.  It is a good thing she is cute and loves the cats!


On the crafty front (the last 2 weeks or so…), I’ve finished one fetching and cast on the second in some lovely alpaca that I bought at the Fiber Festival.

I also worked on the Rosalind (DNA) scarf for DH.  It currently measures 24 inches (61cm).



I am hoping to get it done over the break since he bought a winter coat to match it (how nice is that!)  I’m very lucky that he appreciates the things I make for him.  He also likes his felted slippers (clogs).  Also he just handed me a frozen fuzzy navel!  MMmmMmmMm!   I am such a lucky girl.  Here is the “recipe.”

Frozen fuzzy navel

orange sherbet

peach schnaps

vodka (optional, for a strong drink)

The amounts you choose will depend on how strong you want your fuzzy navel.  Scoop some orange sherbet into a blender, add some peach schnaps and vodka.  Blend until the consistency of a thick milkshake.  Enjoy!


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