Post-Christmas Post

Well, Christmas has come and gone.  I always feel a little sad after Christmas has gone.   I enjoy the “suspending” of real life routine that comes with the holidays.

Bug enjoyed her Christmas and seeing her Nana and Pappaw.  She loved playing with her little ponies and her tea (coffee, to her) set.

ponies and “tea”

She got the thrill of her life when a lady at the park let her walk a little tea cup chihuahua named Roxie.

Bug and Roxie

She liked putting up my hair in a pig tail like hers on Christmas Day…


DH liked his socks (first pair ever!) and I finished the fetching wrist warmers.  I didn’t give them away, yet.   I’m not sure that DH’s sister would have wanted them anyway.  The DNA scarf is progressing, now 46 inches (118cm), but is slow going.  I love the alpaca and am probably thoroughly spoiled by the softness of this fiber.


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