Year-end reflection begins

I like the idea of looking back on the past year (like Knit Lit and One Hot Stove), but I’m going to put my own spin on things. I knit and do crafty things because I enjoy learning and creating, so here is my knitting reflection.

Knitting Things I’ve Learned How to Do this Year

1. knit socks (Crazy Heels and Toes)

2. read a lace chart (class at my LYS)

3. use a circular needle, including magic loop (Crazy Heels and Toes)

4. do shadow knitting (Rosalind)

5. do a simple cable (Fetching)

6. dye yarn with kool-aid (class at my LYS)

7. make a skein and use a swift (ladies at the LYS)

8. felt in the washer (Fiber-trend clogs)

9. add beads into knitting (Odessa)

10. make a blog (initiated by listening to Lixie Knits It)

Knitting/Fiber Things I’d Like to Try Next Year

1. Weaving on a hand loom (if my Weavette loom ever gets here)

2. Knit or crochet a garment (sweater, maybe?)

3. Finish one of my lace projects

I think I’ll write about my cooking things learned tomorrow….


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