Again, still alive

January is difficult for me. I feel so tired. I’m still knitting on Bug’s socks (second one now) and the Elizabeth lace scarf. The new computer is doing well except I think Bug messed up the ‘o’ key as it looks a little off kilter and doesn’t seem to work much. Ok, just fixed it. I only have one complaint to far – the touch pad is extremely insensitive even when the sensitivity is turned all the way up. We didn’t have classes today, so Bug and I just hung around, went to the park (bundled up well) and the bookstore (to play with the trains). I bought a book called “No More Mondays” in the hopes of fighting this burnt-out feeling. I danced with the Gypsy Sistars at a hafla in Nashville on Saturday evening. The CD player was skipping really bad, so it wasn’t that great.


This was my first performance since Bug was born. My other group kind of abandoned me when she was born – they didn’t even come to see me/her at the hospital or after. They only came by once when they needed to borrow something.


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