Finally, the pictures…

I finally got up the energy to take pictures of some things… works in progress, that is.

This is the lace scarf (Town and Country from the Elizabeth series).

scarf Jan 08

close-up, lace scarf

Here are Bug’s socks in progress.  I’m thinking  I will try the 2 socks at a time on one loop – toe up again next time.  I saw some tips on keeping the yarns from getting tangled.

Bug’s socks

I took a class on Saturday about Tribal bellydance costuming.  Here is a good use for acrylic yarn.  Give it to someone who dances and they will make about a ga-jillion tassels.  I also started on a coin bra (goes over a long sleeve shirt).


I’m leaving you with pictures of Bug (taken this morning), who loves her Lily-cat…. grin

Bug and Lily

Bug and Lily


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