A lot of anxiety…

I’m still here.  I’ve been working on my lace scarf and have managed to mess it up.  I don’t have a life-line anywhere near, so I’m stalled/frightened/angry about ripping out and worried I will not be able to get the correct rows and loops back on the needles.

Here is Bug’s new hat – a simple one from Ann Budd’s “Everything” Pattern book in Rio de la Platos.

Bug’s hat

I’ve been feeling very frumpy/unattractive/sad here lately.  I’ve been wearing clothes that don’t really fit because I can’t stand anything that is fitted.  Also, I really only wear about 3 pairs of pants and 5-6 shirts.  So, I packed up about 5 garbage bags of clothes that I no longer wear to give to Goodwill and vowed to find something that fit.  I bought a few things that do fit (and are actually comfortable) that were on sale this weekend at Kohl’s and New York and Company.

I danced with the new group (Gypsy Sistars) at the hafla on Saturday at the Bohemian Sanctuary.  Bug didn’t get to go because she was feeling bad.  It was fun.  There were some really nice dances.

Gypsy Sistars 021608


One thought on “A lot of anxiety…

  1. It must be something in the air because I’m feeling the exact same way. Of course, I’m not knitting a lace scarf, but I’ve tempted to start a cable one, but I know I’m not ready for that just yet.

    I’m glad you went to dance. I’m sure that made you feel better.

    Has the sun been out there?

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