Someone’s in the kitchen….

Baking has always been a comforting activity, and now Bug is sharing this with me…

Chocolate cheesecake for Bug’s babysitter (this is the best cheesecake recipe!, I found it more than 15 years ago)

Bug and cheesecake


chocolate chip cookies for Leap Day…

Bug and cookies


I’ve also been finishing a few things and making progress on others….

Bug’s socks on the recipient…

bug socks

Maizy socks for DH (sock 1) Queen Kahuna’s Crazy Toes and Heels

corn socks

nearly complete Fetching out of alapaca that was overdyed red (from an alpaca farmer)

red alpaca fetching

We’ve been going to the Discovery Center to visit “spotted dog” quite a bit and dancing, too.

Bug and Pongo

dancing Bug

I’ve also been listening to/downloading lots of new podcasts: Arlene Tats and Knits (very good) and Diva Knitting (very good). I haven’t yet gotten to Faery Knitting, Z knits, Knitting Rose, or Y Knit. I’ve been feeling itchiness to crochet something, too…

I hope spring comes soon, it was excrutiatingly cold in my office today.


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