Spring is here, I hope…

The daffodils are blooming and some of the flowering cherries are, too!  There is daylight to play in after we get home from work/school and grill in for dinner!  I trimmed the blackberry thicket while the pork chops were on the grill.  I also came home from spring break to find a wonderful surprise from my pal from SP11 (Barbara of Coffee Yarn).  She sent me some “bare” yarn and some brown dye even though SP11 is long over.  I had mentioned that I wanted to dye some brown and actually had found her blog when I was looking for “dyeing with coffee” instructions.  She is such a thoughtful person!

The last week has been full of adventure… we visited Nana and Pappaw S in Ohio.  We went to the aquarium in Newport, KY (near Cincinnati) and came home to snow here in TN. Bug threw snowballs at me for an hour on Saturday morning – the snow was nearly gone by Saturday afternoon.

Bug and the turtles

Bug throws snowballs at Mama

I finished the second pair of alpaca fetching fingerless gloves and gave them to my mom – sorry, no picture of the finished item.  They turned out nice. I made them a bit longer by adding an extra cable repeat and a longer thumb.


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