Checking in

Well, all the signs of spring are here – flowering bushes, daffodils in yards and vases everywhere, warm weather, the need to clean, and … the inability to concentrate because of the nice weather (by students and me, too).  It is nice to be outside again, even though there was spitty cold rain this afternoon.

In crafty news, I started and finished a “one row scarf” in Malabrigo (amoroso).  It looks nothing like the Yarn Harlot’s, but is pretty.  Pictures will follow when I can take them in “real light.”  I needed something simple, but pretty.  Bug was sick last week with a virus (cranky, constipated, and 103 fever), so she came home from daycare on Tuesday and didn’t return until Friday.  I got sick with something else on Friday and am just now recovering – a cough lingers for me, but Bug is all well.  DH managed to resist both (as of yet).

DH took Bug to visit Nana and Pappaw T this weekend (Sat morn to Sunday evening), so I had a whole day + to myself.  I didn’t really know what to do without them here.  I did dance with the group (Gypsy Sistars) at the Stella Luna hafla in Lebanon, TN on Saturday evening.  It was fun, but I was coughing a bunch from my cold.

Happy Spring!


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