What a day!

Lots of “springy things” going on here. We made a lovely cake (Angel Lush) last night.

angel lush

Bug hunted for Easter eggs at school.

egg hunting

We went to the park and then took a short “walk in the woods”.

park march 08

Bug in the woods

She is such like my mother – shoeless whenever possible…

shoeless Bug

little feet

And here is my one-row scarf (an entire skein of Malabrigo, color amoroso on size US 8).

one row scarf

I’ve been trying some experimenting with crocheting laceweight (Shimmer from Knitpicks in Stained glass), but nothing seems to look right. I bought it thinking it would be good for a lace scarf, but I’m afraid the colors will obscure the lace pattern. I checked on ravelry and most people do Clapotis with it – I don’t really like the stringy look of the series of dropped stitch threads on that pattern. I did find a couple of possibilities , that is, they are more simple stitches that will allow the yarn to stand out: One person did a montego bay scarf (not nearly so stringy dropped stitches) and one did a knotted scarf.

And I finished grading tests – Wahoo!


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