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Miscellaneous Monday …. :)

Well, finals week is chugging on.  I’m working on grading the first one – not going so well, and on getting ready for the 3 week session.  It is intense, so I like to have as much of the paperwork done (copies made, lectures done, everything posted) before it even starts.

On the crafty front, the crochet scarf is just more of the same, so no picture.  I finished the first of the corn socks with a 4 point afterthought heel.

I don’t really like this yarn very much – it is barely twisted and comes unraveled, so it bunches up in my yarn-holding fingers as I knit.

I also started a shawl/scarf using some alpaca/silk that I found on clearance.  It is my own simple pattern of cast on 39.  Knit 3 < yarn over, SSK> repeat across, knit 2 on every row.  It is looking like a little lattice pattern.  I just wanted to play around with something and use the Brittany needles that someone gave me.

I’ll leave you with the world’s most comfortable shoes:

Merrill’s Mary Janes



Corn socks are to the heel stage (last part).  I’m dragging my feet because this is a new heel for me.

You’ll notice I made a graph.  I love graphs!

Also, the crochet scarf is progressing.

We are in finals week – frenzy and anxiety fill the air, but at last there will be parking! Yippee!

Mama’s day out

Every once in a while DH takes Bug to visit Nana and Pappaw T without me.  This means I get a whole day to myself…

I am usually unable to decide what to do since I’m always caring for Bug.  Today I watched TV, went to the gym, ate lunch at home outside with the lilacs, went to Barnes and Noble, bought a new bra and a new dress, watched a movie, and did 2 loads of laundry.  Ordinary to some perhaps, but I caught myself breathing deeply at several points in the day.  It is nice, and will be nice to have my family back home in the morning.


Nearly 3 and so grown up

As Bug looked up from playing in her sand this evening, I was amazed at how grown up she has become in the last few months.  She is talking quite a bit more.  She tells us stories and uses her imagination as well as telling us what is going on in her little mind.  So grown up!

Bug in the sand

I was hoping to have another little one to love some day, but I don’t think that will be happening….

Moving along

We’ve been doing more outside stuff since it is daylight longer here and relatively warmer.

Bug in the swing

Bug in the rain

I’ve been working on the corn socks for DH (Maizy) and the crochet scarf (simple double crochet, but with laceweight Alpaca/silk  Simmer from Knitpicks) and baking things.

corn socks (sock 1)

Baking is very soothing for me and I manage fairly well with finding things Bug can do in the process – helping measure things and add things from packages.  Tonight we made oatmeal-chocolate chip-pecan cookies.  I was trying to make a “cowboy” cookie like Kirchoff’s Bakery in Paducah.  I started with an oatmeal cookie recipe (quaker oat box), but I think I need to start with a chocolate chip cookie recipe to get the correct texture.  They are good regardless, though.

April showers

It has been raining here on and off for about a week.  The ground is saturated and everything is beginning to green up.  Only the little oak in the back yard still clings to its brown leaves.  It is always the last to come around to budding.  I saw some dogwoods blooming this morning on the way in to work.  I’ve been working on a crochet scarf out out knitpicks laceweight and DH’s corn socks.  Both projects are going well – I’m still not yet ready to begin anything complex.  Work is taking too much mental and physical energy for anything complex.   I’ll take pictures of the progress soon… Bug is well and talking up a storm these days.  I can’t believe she will be 3 years old in less than two months.