Miscellaneous Monday …. :)

Well, finals week is chugging on.  I’m working on grading the first one – not going so well, and on getting ready for the 3 week session.  It is intense, so I like to have as much of the paperwork done (copies made, lectures done, everything posted) before it even starts.

On the crafty front, the crochet scarf is just more of the same, so no picture.  I finished the first of the corn socks with a 4 point afterthought heel.

I don’t really like this yarn very much – it is barely twisted and comes unraveled, so it bunches up in my yarn-holding fingers as I knit.

I also started a shawl/scarf using some alpaca/silk that I found on clearance.  It is my own simple pattern of cast on 39.  Knit 3 < yarn over, SSK> repeat across, knit 2 on every row.  It is looking like a little lattice pattern.  I just wanted to play around with something and use the Brittany needles that someone gave me.

I’ll leave you with the world’s most comfortable shoes:

Merrill’s Mary Janes


4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday …. :)

  1. It fits just fine and wasn’t very complicated. Although it looks very strange when the sock isn’t “filled” out by a foot. It looks very pointy. I don’t know whether I’ll keep doing them this way or not.

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