Down crochet lane to Japan and out to the garden

I saw this “thing” on a blog and just had to try making “it.”  See if you can guess what it is before you reach the ending pictures…. 🙂

First I bought some wicked color yarn.

then I wrote down the pattern from the blog…

Then I got out my crochet hooks and went to work on the various pieces…

then came the assembly…

Then…. ta-da! Konnichiwa katamari!

This is a super-cute toy and the pattern is from Amy’s Babies Blog and is great!  I read about it on Coffee Yarn’s Blog and had to check it out.  Mostly the modifications I made were “accidental” such as forgetting to change from an E hook to a G hook for the nubs.  Also, I mis-read the pattern where you switch to the ‘ball’ color for the last round of the nubs, so I just added an extra round to each nub in the ‘ball’ color.  I used only 1 magnet per nub, but used a super strong magnet that was 1/2 inch in diameter and ‘super’ strong.  I also sewed the magnet into the tip because it kept moving around.

I got the gardens prepped and planted late last week.

There are mostly petunias, wave petunias, a small petunia-like plant and lots of sunflowers (seeds).  The veggie garden has herbs, two tomatoes, and a pepper.  We got back from Paducah to find some critter had eaten one of the tomatoes already.  Oh, well, I wanted a Roma tomato anyway…

In other news, I’m still working on the corn socks (picture later) and the lace scarves.  The yarn for my kimono got here today, but I don’t want to get it out until I finish something else.   The 3 week semester started today, so I’m quite tired – gonna go to bed soon.


2 thoughts on “Down crochet lane to Japan and out to the garden

  1. Your Katamari looks awesome! (I think I may have been able to convince my mom to make one for each of my girls, now we just have to see how long it takes her.) Good luck on your three-week class!

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